HΞЯMФSA (at Hermosa Beach, L.A.)

What does it mean when you find shoes hanging off telephone wires? (at Venice Beach Bike Path)

ฬє ςคภภ๏Ե ςยгє Եђє ฬ๏гl๔ ๏Ŧ ร๏гг๏ฬร, ๒ยԵ ฬє ςคภ lเשє เภ ן๏վ

taken by @hannaaaamy


the venice beach version of leap frog #venicebeach (at Venice Beach Boardwalk)

our rainy day reminds me of chicago, except its not -10 or snowing.. (at Mundelein Seminary)

Peaches & Moose

☼ Palm Springs ☪ (at Palm Springs)

A lil glimpse of my room (at house of cakez)

A lil glimpse of my room